Le Grand Damascus blade horn scales 

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The common history of knives and horn is as old as that of shepherds and their herds. Our horn is worked at low temperature so as to preserve the material and its transparency. The complexity of its decoration allied with the quality of our finishes makes this horn worthy of its inclusion in the list of top quality materials.
Perceval uses the very latest, cutting-edge metallurgy technology for its Damascus blades.  
The steel is laminated using powder technology. This crystalline-scale sintering method preserves the fine-grained texture and makes the alloy highly resistant to corrosion.
The blades of the Le Grand model are decorated with the Vinland motif, whose thickly defined traits provide contrast and give this knife its characteristic character and finesse.
The Le Grand model also boasts a high-tech design. Its cryogenically treated hardened steel blade is mounted on a ball-bearing system, with a liner-lock for safety. A paean to fine dining, this knife is integral to our culture for Rabelaisian feasts and epicurean banquets, making it the essential gourmet's tool.

Make the most out of using this impressive knife !

Folding knife with liner-lock, screw-mounted.
Straightening, assembly, guillochage, shaping, polishing, finishing and sharpening all handcrafted in our workshop in Thiers.

Spring and plates are fully guilloched.
Supplied with a made-to-measure leather pouch, presented in a wood case
Lifetime guarantee.

Dimensions: 258 mm x 20 mm x 14 mm
Mounted on ball bearings

Blade length: 116 mm
width: 19 mm
thickness: 2.45 mm
steel stainless Damascus Vinland
Rockwell hardness: 57 HRC
Slow-ground and polished using traditional techniques with scoured buffalo leather.

HANDLE: Horn scales
Mounted on hexagon socket screws (stainless steel).
Supplied with a made-to-measure full-grain leather sheath in a wood presentation case.

Zebu horn comes from India. 
Zebu horns are preferred to cattle horns as they are bigger, more curved and more solid. They can be shaped without having to either heat or alter the material.
For many years now, Perceval has been forging its identity through a judicious balance between cutting-edge design and a centuries old tradition. This novel mindset is mainly evident in our working methods where buffalo leather polishing benches and needle files rub shoulders with laser beam and wire EDM technology.
The "Le Grand Damascus" model provides a perfect illustration of this subtle alchemy. Its finely chiseled silhouette and high-quality materials conjure up 18th century elegance and immoderation. It has enabled Perceval to position itself as a manufacturer of luxury goods on a hitherto unexplored market. This folding knife rouses people's curiosity by flying in the face of convention. The handles are dressed exclusively in the highest quality materials while the Damascus blade is mounted on invisible ball bearings. This is a model that stays true to its heritage while displaying a discreet contemporary.


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